Ukraine Humanitarian War Relief

      The Save-a-child Foundation abhors war. Currently Ukraine is involved in repelling an invasion of their soverign land by an aggressor Russia.  In this conflict there are many civilian casualties. Many of them are children and their families.

We support several projects organized and operated by private citizens of our NATO allies in the Baltic Countries. Here are some ways that we assisted those people.

1. Medicine: We assisted in purchasing $ 20k of medicine to be delivered to those who need it across Ukraine. People all around Ukraine are in dire need of medicine, and medical supplies. The need keeps growing while the supply shrinks.

2. Car convoys:  2nd Freedom Convoy is already in Ukraine and is ready to go and serve The Ukrainian defenders in Luhansk, Kherson, Kyiv and Kharkiv frontlines. 12 cars + vans + an ambulance, all fully packed with medicine, generators, drones and humanitarian aid. The cars were first delivered to the Polish border, from there they were delivered by the truck you see in the picture.

3. Lamps for children: A charity event for children from the occupied and recently de-occupied territories (Kharkiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk regions).Together with @vivitaglobal@ottilves and @cable__ came from Tallinn to teach children how to make cocktails and DIY lamps.

4. Lifeboats fundraiser for Special Kherson Cat: We supported the fundraising campaign for boats to be delivered to Kherson to help the evacuation of civilians, and animals. 5 boats will be delivered. One boat is 2 850€.


           Our Managing Director, Mr Small recently visited the three Baltic Countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. He was  impressed by their visable support of Ukraine in this conflict. He mentioned to all of us that he saw many public buildings decorated in the Ukrainian colors and Ukrainian flags flying on many government buildings. On his trip, he was honored to speak with one of the survivors from the 1940’s invasion of these three countries by Nazi Germany and later by Russia. In fact, a semi historical  novel “Between Shades of Gray” by Ruta Sepetys describes  a fictional character who mirrors that survivor’s forced journey from her homeland to the furthest areas of Siberia. We strongly recommend reading this novel. It illuminates the concern of the Baltic Country citizens.